Welcome to Our New World

This is a magazine and e-zine project that was started by Professors Robert and Doris Jones of the On Line Africa Knowledge Foundation to shed light on these regions through the eyes and ears of indigenous people. This learning framework was first introduced in 2003 as "African Treasures Magazine" at South Africa's Vista University, Soweto Campus (now the University of Johannesburg). It was expanded to include the Middle East when our founders joined the faculty of the American University in Cairo in 2004. Since then it has been successfully used to train African, Middle Eastern and global communicators (students and professionals) in the art of "ethnographic media".

Here, you will find The People's own stories as we help them, for the first time, to define themselves rather than relying on outsiders who seldom tell the FULL story of Africa and the Middle East. When one reads Western media accounts of these regions, the message is too often distorted and filled with despair. Yes, there is plenty wrong with these rapidly developing regions, but there is also much good news to share.

TAME seeks to provide a well balanced and fair message of hope as it brings our readers into direct contact with people, places, things and events that have been misinterpreted and incompletely (some say falsely) represented.

TAME is a PARTICIPATORY and INTERACTIVE LEARNING EXPERIENCE and you are invited to publish your stories and images here for the world to see and appreciate as we introduce you to worlds you may have never seen before. You can begin by visiting our links on the right side of this page.

(welcome and thank you)
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